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11° Morse Taper
Platform Switching
  • Reduction of peri-implant bone loss.
  • Greater magnitude with increased diameter.
  • Aids in maintaining biological width without disruption during clinical functions.
  •  Beveled feature facilitates bone growth above the shoulder.
  • Creates hermetic seal.
  • Elimination of microgap.
  • Reduction of micro-movements and screw loosening.
Cutting Edge
  • Triple cutting edge.
  • Self-tapping.
SEM x500
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Blood pockets
  • - 6.5 ~12 % Reduction: Reduction of stress / pressure points.
  • Creation of “blood pockets” promotes bone growth during osseointegration.
  • Gradual distribution of force along the cortical plate.
Thread Design
  • The bite of the thread features two-stage ramp.
  • Allows for gradual bone condensing for wide range of bone conditions.
  • Even insertion while protecting bone structure.
Apex design
  • Aggressive triple cutting edge allows for adjustable implant orientation during manual    insertion for optimal final placement.
  • Round apex to protect sinus floor, nerve canal or other anatomical structures.
  • Hybrid design provides best features of both straight and tapered implants.
  • Coronal taper with unique design aids in initial stability, load dissipation and reduces stress/strain on the crestal bone.
  • The body and apical design assist in guiding the implant to the desired position while providing bone density distribution.
Pylon Kit’s Advanced Digital Workflow
1. Send CBCT scan & digital impression to
2. Implant planning & surgical guide design
3. Design & design confirmation of a custom healing abutment and/or the temporary restoration
4. Surgical guide & custom healing abutment and/or the temporary restoration are ready prior to the surgery
5. Fully guided surgery done with Uris surgical guide & 
same day delivery of the prefabricated prosthesis
Versatile Prosthetic Options
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Stock Abutment
Custom Healing Abutment
Custom Abutment
All • on • T Custom MUA
T-L Custom Removable
ASC Angulated Screw Channel
Preserves more of the peri-implant bone, stabilizes more of the soft tissues, reduces the microgap size found in the abutment-implant connection and proper geometry for narrower mesio-distal edentulous spaces.


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Impression & Analog
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CAD/CAM Solution
the better half of URIS Implants that provides the most advanced digital restoration workflow for your patients
URIS CAD/CAM Custom Solution
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